Documentation/UserGuide/Job Block

Parameters in this block control properties of the jobs. Example:

problem_id      = Brio-Wu    # problem ID: basename of output filenames
maxout          = 3          # Output blocks number from 1 -> maxout
num_domains     = 1          # number of Domains in Mesh

problem_id: string added as basename of output filenames, see Overview of Outputs. Usually same as problem-name used in input file. There is no maximum length for this name (except that set by the maximum length of a line in the input file, which is 256 characters).

maxout: Specifies how many output blocks will be read from input file. Output blocks <output1> through <outputN> where N = maxout are scanned for valid output descriptions. Missing output blocks are permitted. Output blocks with N>maxout are ignored.

num_domains: Specifies how many grid domains will be read from the input file. Domian blocks <domain1> through <domainN> where N=num_domains will be read. Domain blocks with N>num_domains will be ignored.