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Due to unanticipated enormous response, most bootcamp sessions are now oversubscribed. You may continue to use the same registration form, but if you are submitting your registration on or after 12:30 PM on Monday January 04, you will be added to a WAITLIST and notified shortly before the start of bootcamp about which sessions you’ve been admitted to.

Additionally, PLEASE DO NOT ADD YOURSELF TO A WAITLIST FOR EITHER NVIDIA SESSION! Those sessions are too oversubscribed even for a waitlist, and we are working with NVIDIA to organize additional training sessions for the Princeton community. Thank you for your patience.

Please register using this form (to access the form, you must be logged into Google Apps with your Princeton credentials).

Registration is open to all current Princeton University researchers, students, or staff. Participants can choose which sessions to attend, but advance registration is required.

If for any reason you cannot attend the bootcamp but would like to express your interest in a future bootcamp, or if you have suggestions for topics to add to (or remove from) future bootcamps, please email us at