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Introduction to OpenACC

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This session will give participants a hands-on introduction to OpenACC, a directive-based tool for programming NVIDIA GPUs.

Learning objectives

Participants will leave with a thorough overview of how to use OpenACC to accelerate code in a portable way with minimal changes to one’s code.

Knowledge prerequisites

No previous experience with OpenACC directives or GPU programming in general is required. However, programming experience with C, C++, or Fortran is expected. Prior exposure to parallel programming methodologies, though not strictly required, is also helpful.

Hardware/software prerequisites

Participants in any PICSciE virtual workshop need a Princeton Zoom account. For this session, users should also have an account on the Adroit cluster, and they should confirm that they can SSH into Adroit at least 48 hours beforehand. Details on all of the above can be found in the advance setup guide for PICSciE virtual workshops.

Session format

Lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises

Session Materials

Session Recording